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My name Is Paul, with a rich and varied career in visual arts, my experience ranges from reality to fantasy and everything in between. I have extensive experience in props and model making for film and television as well as exhibitions, corporations, and publications.


I also spend my time giving talks about my career, I can offer themed experiences as well as tutoring art privately and in groups. If you are interested in any of the services I can offer, please get in touch. Feel free to check out the galleries of some of my past work to get taste of the things I can do, but honestly, your imagination is the limit. 


What I do

I can offer a range of different services. The creation of props, models puppets and prosthetics, Art teaching, Public Speaking and Themed theatrical experiences to name a few. Click on the icon that interests you and get in touch as to how we can work together. 


Paul-robbens-portfolio-2 (2).jpg




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Greatest Hits Gallery

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