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Paul manages to create relaxed, entertaining and rewarding sessions. He wants you to spend the two-hour session in a calm environment where you can have a friendly cup of tea and leave having improved your skills. Each session is different and can be driven by a specific master class or your own personal passion.  If you are interested in joining a group class or finding out more about what the sessions are like and if they are for you give Paul a ring or email via his contact page. 


Currently, Paul is holding weekly classes:-


At Stubbings Cafe in Maidenhead

Skill Level all welcome

on Tuesdays 

from 2pm-4pm 

cost £20 per session discounts available for block bookings.




At Private Location in Stoke Poges

Skill Level Intermediate 

on Thursdays

from  2pm-4pm 

cost £20 per session discounts available for block bookings.


More class options coming soon


Please call Paul on 01628672140 if you are interested in attending either class.  

Check out more info on the facebook page for Pauls classes @PaulRobbensArt



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